Pottery Class Extras

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We look forward to having you join our Pottery Class at the Toronto Potters Studio in Artscape Youngplace. Located at 180 Shaw Street, Unit #107, Toronto, ONT M6J 2W5

The studio is fully equipped for classes and initial material cost is included with registration but we know sometimes you need just a bit more! 

When completing the purchases below please be sure to indicate the student’s name who will be receiving them. It will be avaialble to pick up directly from the instructor at your class.

NEW – 8 Piece Pottery Tool Kit

A perfect must-have starter set containing the most popular tools for anyone beginning to work with clay. The components are made with high-quality steel and hardwoods to ensure years of productive use. Includes: 1 wooden rib, 1 wire cutting tool, 1 needle tool, 1 double end loop trimming tool, 1 wooden modeling tool, 1 large loop trimming tool, 1 metal rib, 1 yellow sponge.


Pottery Class Extra
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Extra Bag of Clay

Making big or lots in class and running out of clay? Buy an extra 22lb bag of clay, glaze and firing included in cost.

Pottery Class Extra
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