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TORONTO POTTERS Monthly Meetings 
Winter – Spring 2019

Gardiner Museum
Main Floor Auditorium
111 Queen’s Park, Toronto, Ontario M5S 2C7

6:45pm – 8:45pm

The Gardiner Museum has graciously agreed to host Toronto Potters for Tuesday meeting dates, on the 4th Tuesday of each month. Toronto Potters is grateful to the Museum for offering their support. The meeting time will be 6:45 pm and will end at 8:45. The speakers’ programme will begin at 7:15 pm after a short business meeting.

January 22nd     

Guest Speaker: Marjolyn Van Der Hart

Marjolyn is the daughter of an artist, whose passion for the ability to be free from the constraints of a corporate path inspired Marjolyn to follow a similar career. She completed a B.A.(Honours), studying Mass Communications at Carleton University, followed by a B.F.A. at Ringling School of Art and Design in Florida. As well, she studied in New York City at the New York Studio Residency Program, which was affiliated with the Parson’s School of Art in the 90’s.

Marjolyn has exhibited for over 20 years in Florida, New York City, Washington D.C., Virginia, Kentucky, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Connecticut, in Ontario at the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition and the McMichael Art Gallery and has participated in various one person and juried group shows in both Canada and US. Her paintings are part of the collections of Cantox Health Services, CN Rail Ltd, Hurley Corporation, Lederer Leader Services, Rogers Communications, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, Ernst and Young, IBM, Merrill Lynch, Bell Canada, as well as private collections throughout Europe and North America.

Marjolyn currently lives in Toronto with her husband and children and travels extensively throughout the USA showing her work at highly competitive juried art fairs. Her narrative impressionistic paintings mark a moment of time through the use of texture, colour, and contrasts of light. She is represented by Petroff Gallery and Wall Space Gallery in Toronto. Her work has won several awards and has been shown at Affordable Art Fairs in New York City and Los Angeles.

February 26th     

Guest Speaker: Catharina Goldnau

Catharina Goldnau moved to Canada from Germany at the age of 19. After academic studies, (B.A. Honours English and Spanish, York University; M.A. in Applied Psychology and Ph.D. candidate University of Toronto), a career as a French Immersion Teacher and raising 4 children, Catharina entered studies in ceramics at Sheridan College, under Linda Sormin and Laura Kukkee, graduating with a BA in Craft and Design 2018.

In her ceramic practise she explores non-traditional ways to manipulate clays, combining unconventional materials for intriguing variations of form and surface, including low to high-fire clays with and without material additions, glazes in electric and atmospheric kilns, hand-building, wheel-throwing and slip-casting techniques, all in the quest to make unconventional pieces of art designed for use. Meaning is created in a tension that she sees as nature vs. culture. Her objects are a mix of fragments of culture and craggy nature that tell a story.

Goldnau has exhibited her work since 2010 at various local venues. Winner of several awards including the Gardiner Museum Graduating Award of a solo exhibit in the Gardiner Museum lobby vitrine in 2019, and at TOAF 2018, she recently showed her work at IDS in Jan 2019.

Additionally, she hosts and organizes several private shows, donating all proceeds to charity.

March 26th     

Guest Speaker: Yusun Ha

Yusun Ha’s career in the arts began in 2007 when she volunteered at Craft Ontario Shop (formerly The Guild Shop), after graduating from OCAD University’s Graphic Design program and working in the field for 3.5 years. Of the 10.5 years at Craft Ontario (formerly Ontario Crafts Council), she spent the last 4 years as the Retail Manager, before moving onto join the Nunavut Development Corporation’s Sales Division in May of 2018. NDC is a Crown Corporation with a mandate to stimulate and support Nunavut’s economy in three key industries, one of which is arts & culture. As the General Manager of the Sales Division, she is responsible for purchasing and distributing Inuit art to galleries and retailers worldwide. 

Yusun will talk about Inuit Art, her progression through the Inuit art industry, and compare Inuit and the ‘Southern’ art markets. She will be happy to answer members’ questions related to wholesale and retail selling, based on her extensive experience.


April 23rd     

Guest Speaker: Jung Do Lee & Jin Hee Jun

Korean Master Potter Jung Do Lee and his partner Jin Hee Jun will provide a visual presentation plus a demonstration of Korean pottery decoration techniques.

Potter Jung-Do Lee, Burlington resident was born in 1953 in Korea. For 40 years Lee has worked in the traditional Korean Buncheong stoneware stamping technique. The style of stamping and inlaying patterns dates from the 13thcentury and spans the Goryeo and Joseon Korean Dynasties. Traditional stamped patterns of tiny chrysanthemum flowers have evolved to tiny floral and geometric patterns on Jung- Do Lee’s simplified restrained forms decorated with white slip.

Since 1991, Jung-Do Lee has produced many solo exhibitions in Korea and across the US, including at SOFA in New York 2012 through Mindy Solomon Gallery representation, as well as in Canada recently at the Carnegie Gallery, Dundas, ON. His work has been extensively exhibited internationally in numerous group exhibitions since 1990. His pieces are included in public collections in Seoul and Kwangju, Korea, Washington, DC and Hawaii in the US, Sevres, France, Musee Royal De Marimont, Belgium, the British Museum and Victoria and Albert Museums in London, UK and in the Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto, Canada.


May 28th     

Annual General Meeting & Potluck

September 24th     

Details TBA

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