Joan Spears

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I have been potting since 1975 when I took a pottery class through the YWCA. I was lucky to become a volunteer and continued learning for “free”! I participated in the founding of a women’s pottery co-op when the YW closed the pottery programme.  I continued working there until I bought my own pottery business in Toronto in 2003. I taught 2 or 3 classes a day, six days a week as well as offering Open Studio space. I fired for around 70 potters until I sold the business in 2019 after 16 years.

I took a raku workshop in 1982, built my own kilns and do a few firings every year when I run a few workshops. I also took pottery courses every summer from renowned potters at Canadore College in North Bay through its Artsperience programme. 

Except for Raku I make functional work which I want customers to use and enjoy. My most popular pieces seem to be berry bowls and French butter dishes. I continue playing with new glaze combinations and clay manipulation. 

I have my own studio in Callander where I also have a small storefront. Now that I have sold my business, I will be doing my pottery there.

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