Janny Wong

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Janny Wong

I started my pottery journey about 20 years ago.  Initially for relaxation, potting has grown into enjoyment and has become part of my life.

Inspired by nature and diversity, I like to create pieces that have life and movement.   I hope to bring joy and energy through the use of vibrant colors and bold designs.

I am constantly exploring and testing.  Lately, I have been pushing the material to see how, and at what point, the clay elements will fuse and support themselves to create various forms and structures.

Exhibitions / Shows:

2010, 2014, 2016 : Toronto Potters’ Biennial Juried Exhibition
2012, 2014 : Contemporary Arts Dual Exhibition by Cedar Ridge Studio Gallery
2011 to 2013 : FUSION Fireworks 2011, the Biennial Juried Travelling Exhibition throughout Ontario

All Photography is done by Janny Wong except #1a and 9done by Dale Roddick (numbers found by hovering on the slide show image)

Visit: www.JannyWong-Pottery.com

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