Guidelines for Submitting to Members’ Gallery

Guidelines for Submitting to Members’ Gallery2019-11-20T20:54:43-07:00

Guidelines for Submitting To Members’ Gallery

An invitation to all members; Submit images of your work and a full page will be created for your images and your bio. It is a good way to promote your work and expand your audience. One image will be used in our homepage slideshow. The Members’ Gallery is for current members of Toronto Potters only.

Email images and biography to:

Indicate one image that will be used for the homepage slideshow, it must be ‘landscape view’ (600px wide by 400px high). The images submitted, if not done by a professional, will be reviewed and accepted at the discretion of a committee. Please credit your photographer. All image files must have the artists name in the title (eg. JaneSmith01.jpg). 

BIO OR ARTIST STATEMENT: about 200 words
Below are two templates to assist in creating either an artist bio or artist statement. 

                Writing an Artist Biography 

                Writing an Artist Statement

Thanks to Susan Card for providing these. Also available at

OPTIONAL INFO: Personal Website Address

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